5 Hidden-Gem-Locations for Destination Weddings

5 Hidden Gem Destination Wedding Locations that are Truly Unique - Sunset-Travel.com

A destination wedding can be a truly incredible experience. For many couples, it’s all about the getaway, the sun and sand of tropical beaches, and the convenience of inclusive resorts. That often means that choosing a destination wedding location is more a matter of finding great deals and easy planning… and less about the location itself.

For other couples, finding a destination wedding location off the beaten path makes all the difference! You can still find great deals and all-inclusive resort options, but looking outside the box of the most popular destination wedding resorts can help craft a truly unique experience!

The locations listed below all have wonderful places for your wedding – as well as accommodations for your loved ones – but they’re also less “touristy” and provide a different experience than the most common choices. Because they’re less popular (but no less incredible), securing your target dates might also be easier… Even during busy seasons.

Unique destinations for your wedding — explore these five hidden gems!

Huatulco Mexico is a Truly Unique Destination Wedding Location - Sunset-Travel.com


Huatulco, Mexico

Located in the far south of Mexico, right on the Pacific Ocean in the state of Oaxaca, Huatalco is home to rich indigenous heritage and 36 fantastic beaches. It’s closer to the equator than some other places, which means the tropical climate persists year-round and is ideal for destination weddings. The region is home to Huatulco National Park, which boasts over 29,000 acres of protected land and sea, where visitors can enjoy hiking, dolphin watching, and exploring the diverse landscape that contains more than 9,000 species of plants and hundreds of species of fauna, birds, and reptiles.

Huatulco is a bit off the beaten path, but that comes with an intimate sense of community and local culture. This coastal paradise also features some of the best seafood in the world!


Merida Mexico is a Unique Destination Wedding Location - Sunset-Travel.com


Merida, Mexico

The largest city in the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida is perhaps best known for its rich history and architecture, from the region’s ancient Mayan pyramids to 1500s cathedrals, incredible hotels from the 1700s to downtown parks decorated with statues and elegant walkways. The city’s “Restaurant Row” is a foodie’s dream come true, and bustling markets are a great way to explore, pick up mementos, and get a sense of the local culture.

Just outside the city limits, gorgeous haciendas are ready to host your perfect destination wedding. As part of your visit, make sure to stop by the famous “Tu y Yo Chairs” (also known as Kissing Chairs”) scattered throughout the city for an intimate moment with your new spouse.


Samana Dominican Republic is a Unique Destination Wedding Location - Sunset-Travel.com


Samana, Dominican Republic

Located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, the Samana Peninsula and adjacent bay of the same name is a haven of natural beauty. Best known as an idyllic location for whale watching, Samana and the small towns within provide a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and luxurious amenities. Beautiful resorts on the ocean provide excellent wedding venues, and the surrounding region of rolling mountains, valleys, and coastline hold plenty of opportunities for bodyboarding, hiking, sightseeing, or seaside relaxation.

Picturesque towns, waterfalls, and sandy beaches are all mainstays of the Samana experience. For peak humpback whale season, plan your visit between January and March.


Yelapa Mexico is a Unique Location for Destination Weddings - Sunset-Travel.com


Yelapa, Mexico

For those truly looking to use a destination wedding as an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the quiet fishing village of Yelapa is an excellent choice! Golden sands and clear waters make sunbathing, snorkeling, and casual swimming popular pastimes for visitors, and for more adventurous couples, there are plenty of opportunities to parasail, explore the surrounding jungle, ride horses, and scuba dive!

Beachside cafes provide local fare, especially fresh seafood, and because of the area’s remoteness, candlelight and fireflies are a regular part of Yelapa nights. The slow pace and rustic atmosphere might not be for everyone, but this small town – best accessed by boat – is truly a hidden gem for couples looking to get away.


Locorotondo Italy is a Unique Location for Destination Weddings - Sunset-Travel.com


Locorotondo, Italy

A small town of just 14,000 in southern Italy, Locorotondo is known as “Puglia’s Prettiest Little Town” and one of the most beautiful villages in the country, recognizable for its iconic whitewashed, cone-shaped trulli rooftops. Romantic in every way, Locorotondo is quaint, historic, and surrounded by natural beauty. An intricate network of roadways and elegant architecture make exploring the town a joy of its own. The region’s also known for its sparkling white wine!

You won’t find decadent resorts in Locorotondo, but baroque churches, intimate villas, and the unmistakable charm of the whole town still make it a great location for an out-of-the-ordinary destination wedding.

Call the Destination Wedding Travel Experts!

These hidden gems for a destination wedding incorporate much of what couples seek: gorgeous views, comfortable amenities, accessible services, and unforgettable atmosphere… But they also have a unique flair that separates them from the most common resorts and destinations.

If you’re looking for a destination wedding that’s a little out of the ordinary, one of these gems may be the perfect choice for you!

To start planning, and learn more about each location, contact Sunset Travel & Cruise today!