A Festive Danube Odyssey

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Embarking on a magical 11-day journey through the heart of Europe, Whitney Sughroue set sail on the Emerald Cruises Christmas Delights on the Danube.

A Whirlwind of Elegance: Renee’s London-Paris Soiree

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In the blossoming days of May, Renee Meaux embarked on a splendid family vacation, a seamless blend of wedding festivities, and cultural explorations in the captivating cities of London and Paris.

A Parisian Affair with Latrissa

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In the late summer embrace of 2023, Latrissa Fleming-Coles embarked on a 10-night odyssey through the cultural heart of France, wandering through the charming streets of Paris and sailing along the Sienne River.

A tale of Greek Sunshine and Italian Charm: Whitney’s Journey

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A week-long escapade weaving through the sun-kissed landscapes of Greece and the enchanting island of Ischia with Whitney Sughroue.

A Journey Through Greece and Croatia

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A firsthand account of a journey through the picturesque lands of Greece and Croat
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Wine Tours in Europe

Add some extra flavor and fun to your Europe vacation with hand-selected wine tours in Italy, Spain, Germany or Greece! The expert travel agents at Sunset Travel & Cruise in Chicago have insider access to wine and vineyard tour throughout Europe and can help you select the perfect tour for your next vacation. Some of our favorite wine tours are outlined here, but we have dozens more available.
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Best Bachelor(ette) Party Destinations in the US and Abroad

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Creating a group vacation for an amazing bachelor(ette) party starts with choosing a destination - and there are no shortage of options for amazing places to visit! Here are our favorites.
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Honeymoon in Greece: Itinerary Ideas

Honeymoon in Greece for a Truly Romantic Destination! We Have Compiled a List of Things to Do, Luxurious Hotels, Amazing Dining & More to Make it Easy.
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Best Places for a Romantic Honeymoon in Italy

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Planning a Honeymoon in Italy? Here is a List of Romantic Things to do, Places to Visit, Hotels to Stay at and Ways to Surprise Your Spouse!
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Unravel the Mysteries of the Greek Islands

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From beaches to mountains to ancient history, Greece is a land full of beauty and adventure. If you’re planning a trip to these islands, there are few things that you should know before you go.