Hawaii Cruise Options

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Inclusive Hawaiian cruises are one the best ways to explore the islands! With port stops planned around handpicked attractions and Hawaii’s trademark tropical beauty, cruises let you visit multiple islands without worrying about planes or ferries.

With the added excitement of an activity-packed, state-of-the-art cruise ship, a Hawaiian cruise is sure to be an amazing experience for people of all ages!

Hawaii Cruise Packages fall into two basic categories: cruises to the islands, and inter-island cruises that start and end in Hawaii (usually Honolulu).

Types of Hawaiian Cruises

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Inter-Island Hawaii Cruises

While day cruises around the islands are common, very few inter-island cruises include overnight stays or the entertainment you might expect on a large cruise ship.

The big exception is the Pride of America, a US-flagged ship that cruises the Hawaiian islands year round.

The most common cruise packages depart from Honolulu, visiting 4 islands and 5 ports over the course of a 8-day journey. The Pride of America features 3 main dining rooms, variety shows, comedy, music, a spa, and beyond, but on-shore excursions remain the focus.

These inter-island Hawaiian cruises mean a bit less time at sea, an incredible selection of ports and onboard amenities, and of course, you’ll only have to unpack once. The Hawaii Tourism Authority has an excellent overview of the trip, and other packages include even more exploration!

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Cruises to Hawaii from the Mainland

Much more common Hawaiian cruises, with many more options, consider cruises to-and-from the Hawaiian islands.

Typically connecting from Vancouver, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, your options for these types of Hawaii cruises depend on the company and ship. Ranging from 9 or 10-day cruises to 14 days and longer, cruising to Hawaii will split your time between open water travel to and from the islands and on-shore activities and excursions.

Now, modern cruise ships are truly amazing – like bustling, compact cities on the water. The big cruise brands we all recognize (like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, and Princess) all go to great lengths to provide a top notch experience.

These luxurious, floating resorts feature swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, fine dining, music and dancing, kids’ zones, lounges and bars, and comfy places to relax in the sun… But that’s just the beginning when it comes to today’s massive cruise liners. Many also have casinos, shopping, arcades, movie theaters, sporting activities – some even have waterparks, teen clubs, indoor skydiving, bumper cars, and robot bartenders.

Talk about cruising to Hawaii in style!

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Ideal Times to Cruise to Hawaii

The Pride of America inter-island cruises happen year-round, but tend to be busier during late winter and early spring (coinciding with peak tourism across the islands).

Destination cruises to Hawaii operate on more selective schedules, but still have plenty of options – mostly across spring and fall.

Cruises at this time of year offer gorgeous weather, plus you’ll likely avoid the rainy season. And with generally smaller crowds, it could be less hectic and stressful, too.

Like any other travel, planning and booking ahead will make a big difference in saving money and knowing exactly what to expect.

How Much Does a Hawaiian Cruise Cost?

For a Hawaiian cruise, prices vary greatly per person, with all kinds of options for luxury upgrades for onboard spending money, high-end cabins, and so much more. Adding extra guests to your package can reduce per-person prices, and most of these packages include meals, activities, beverages, and credits toward excursions at ports along your journey.

Working with a travel agent can also help you bundle airfare, lodging (before and after you board the cruise ship), transportation, excursions and more.

To get started planning your Hawaiian cruise, contact Sunset Travel and Cruise today and find the package that’s just right for you!