Top Honeymoon Destinations for the 4 Seasons -

Mexico? Italy? Jamaica? What is the perfect destination for your honeymoon?

While different areas around the world have peak wedding seasons, the fact is: people get married year round! Choosing your wedding date (and with it, your honeymoon dates) can depend on plenty of personal preferences – from venue availability to lining up with a date that’s uniquely important to you and your spouse-to-be, you are choosing the best wedding date for YOU.

If you’re planning to head out on a honeymoon shortly after your wedding ceremony, however, the time of year can make a huge difference!

You might have an ideal wedding date picked out, but what if you’re flying right into hurricane season for your honeymoon?

Popular honeymoon destinations across the globe have their ideal times. The seasonal weather in other parts of the world can be drastically different than what we expect in the States – especially if you’re in Chicago and are accustomed to all 4 seasons!

To help you avoid spending your honeymoon seeking shelter or dealing with harsh weather, here are some suggested regions for each season of the year. No matter what you choose for your wedding date, you’ll be able to find a wonderful place to enjoy your honeymoon.

Planning a Honeymoon Destination Around Seasonal Weather

Spring Honeymoons

Springtime likely provides the most diverse options for a great honeymoon destination. It’s before the rainy season in many parts of the world, and will also help you avoid peak summer heat in more tropical and desert locations.

Honeymoon Destinations for Spring Around the World -


This gorgeous South Asian country is known for breathtaking beaches and rich culture – and plenty of rain. The spring months of March and April are when Thailand is usually at its driest and sunniest, with warm temperatures and ideal conditions for time on the coast.


Part desert, part coastal paradise, a Moroccan honeymoon in Africa is a great way to combine adventure and relaxation, and enjoy some incredible, historic architecture in the process. Mid-spring (around April) is an excellent time to visit because the desert heat hasn’t reached it’s scorching summer temperatures. Spring also falls between the nation’s busiest periods of tourism.

Caribbean Islands

Much of the Caribbean is beautiful all year, but later in the spring is especially ideal. It’s before the hurricane season (which typically begins in June), and after the most popular tourism of December through late March. A well-timed Caribbean honeymoon in early May could help you enjoy the best weather of the year and find steep discounts as tourism season winds down.

Summer Honeymoons

Summer tends to be when most people in the US get married, especially in the midwest where cold temps and unpredictable weather make the rest of the year a bit more of a gamble… But what about summer honeymoons?

Summer Honeymoon Destinations -

Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin

Major cities in northern/central Europe don’t always immediately come to mind as honeymoon destinations, but for fans of history, the arts, and amazing sightseeing, these places shouldn’t be overlooked!

In the summer, it’s likely to be warm and pleasant across these cities and others in the broader region, which is perfect for leisurely exploration, enjoying outdoor cafes, and finding special events. Be sure to book early though, as this period of good weather also brings an influx of tourists.


A Mediterranean paradise rich with history, resorts, and amazing ways to enjoy your honeymoon, Greece is a great place to visit in early summer. Later in July and August can get hot, but the high season of sunny skies and almost no rain make the whole season a great time to visit.


If an Italian getaway sounds romantic, it definitely is! Honeymoons in Italy deliver the ultimate romantic walks on the beach, candlelit seafood dinners and incredible vistas.

Fall Honeymoons

Autumn weather can be testy in many places, but some regions are still ideal for temperate honeymoon adventures!

Honeymoon Destinations for Autumn -


Italy has something to offer couples of all kinds, and while climate varies from north to south, early fall tends to have moderate weather perfect for historic city tours or countryside relaxation. From September on, things have the potential to be less crowded as the major tourist season draws to a close, and fall foliage makes for beautiful colors across the continent.

And if it goes without saying – THE FOOD! Romantic dinners for 2 were probably invented in Italy (don’t Google that, in our minds, it’s got to be true). Sunset Travel & Cruise is experts when it comes to touring Italy, and have insider travel tips and deals you won’t find anywhere else!

Scotland & England

Two words: Scotch Whisky! Single malts aside, the gorgeous, historic Scottish countryside might be a bit rainy in the fall, but for lovers of craggy cliffs and lush greenery, this misty coziness can add to the atmosphere!

In early autumn, temperatures are getting cooler, but can still be quite pleasant. In October, honeymooners can also enjoy celebrations around the Celtic New Year and the earliest origins of Halloween!


Another amazing, tropical option on the African coast, Tanzania is home to the popular honeymoon destination of Zanzibar – known the world over for exotic beaches, storied history, and unique wildlife. On the mainland, Tanzania in winter is perfect for slightly cooler weather and going on safari. In the fall, you may even see some wildebeest during The Great Migration!

Winter Honeymoons

Last but not least, winter is an excellent time to travel abroad to warmer climates. As you’ll see, however, not all winter honeymoons need to be tropical!

Honeymoon Destinations for Winter and Every Season -

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Mexico is a popular honeymoon destination throughout the year, and has no shortage of incredible resorts (or more adventurous options) to choose from. In the winter, however, places in the Yucatan Peninsula at the southern end of the gulf are brimming with opportunity. The weather is great, and you can enjoy both coastal beaches and inland jungles, all surrounded by delicious food and vibrant history of Mexico.


For couples who enjoy winter, consider the stunning mountains of Switzerland! Wintery activities like skiing and snowshoeing are readily available, and of course, so are luxurious, cozy places to warm up fireside. Cities like Montreaux and Zurich provide waterfront views, rich culture, and incredible architecture. For snow lovers, December through February honeymoons are a wonderful way to enjoy a Swiss paradise!


From the legendary Gold Coast to adventures in Sydney, even nature and ocean exploring from Cairns, Australia is an incredible place year round. In the southern hemisphere, December, January, and February are the prime months of summer! An Australian honeymoon during this time of year means sunny days, hot weather, and all of the rugged beauty the country has to offer.

Call a Honeymoon Travel Agent to Make it All Easy!

These are just some of the breathtaking parts of the world to visit for your destination honeymoon. Whenever you choose to get married, and whatever time of year you select for your honeymoon, you can find a destination that’s “in season” and provides just the experience you’re after!

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