How Much Does it Cost to Go to Hawaii?

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How Much does a Hawaii Vacation Cost, A General Guide -

Pricing out a vacation to Hawaii relies on many different factors. Determining exactly how much a trip is going to cost depends on when you go, how long you plan to stay, how early you book, and so much more.

Your exact, unique vision for your vacation creates the various costs you’ll need to take into account, but even without every little detail, some ballpark ideas about how much it costs to go to Hawaii will set your expectations and help you make some plans. There are simply too many variables to account for everything in a general guide, but this will certainly get you started!

If you plan a week-long trip with mid-range creature comforts, estimate around $3,500 – $5,000 per person in general, depending on the time of year as well.

Read on to see how you can save money and make the most of your vacation!

A General Guide to the Cost of a Hawaii Vacation

Travel Lodging Costs for Hawaiian Vacation -

Hawaii Travel Costs

Travel and lodging are likely going to be the largest expenses of the trip. Of course, plane tickets are more affordable the earlier you book them, and different airlines have their own perks, deals, and areas of operation. On average, a ticket from a major U.S. city to Honolulu can cost between $600 and $1800 or more for economy class depending on your location. If you want prime seats, expect to pay more.

To travel from Chicago to Hawaii, plan on about $1,200+ per ticket for economy seats and baggage costs.

And of course, some of those estimates also depend in the current price of fuel too.

Hotel and Lodging Costs

Lodging can vary quite a bit as well, and should be selected based on space needs, desired level of privacy, and general budget. Hostels can be as low as $35 per night, and are a great option for younger, solo travelers. Budget hotels average about $150-$200 per room per night, with higher-end hotels and resorts getting closer to the $350-$500+ range per night. Luxury options go up from there! And contrary to popular belief, there are no all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii, so you’ll need to go the al á carte route.

Of course, there are also options for home and room rental, but let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is cook or clean your vacation away! If you’re going to splurge on a Hawaii vacation, any seasoned travel agent will recommend staying in a hotel to make the most of your relaxation time. (And book one with a spa for the ultimate in pampering!)

Package deals that combine airfare and lodging are an excellent way to keep these primary costs down. In the early off-season (around mid-May), a couple can find round-trip flights and a seven-night stay roughly $3000 per person. A solo adult can find resort packages, including flights and a week’s stay, for around $5000 (which may include some meals and activities).

During the busy Hawaii travel season – most of the winter and around the holidays – rates could even be double our guidelines – the earlier you book, the more you can save!


Guide to Hawaiian Vacation Cost Estimates -

The Cost Food and Restaurants in Hawaii

Restaurant prices in Hawaii are comparable to major cities in the U.S., though like many other things on the remote islands, can be even more expensive. Daily Delish recommends budgeting about $61 per day, per person for meals.

Higher-end dinner entries will likely hover around $35 to $55+ per person, with more affordable options for casual dinners, lunches, and breakfast. Even if you’re planning on buying groceries and making meals, most groceries have to be imported and cost more as a result.

Budgeting for Activities

With options that cater to all types of people and all different age groups, you’ll find a diverse range of things to do in Hawaii – and with them, a broad range of prices. Breathtaking zipline tours in Oahu are upwards of $180 per person, but gorgeous parks with waterfall hikes may only have a $10-$15 admission, or no charge at all.

Parasailing typically costs $40 – $70 per person, all-day boat tours fall in the $150 range, and a round of golf at a moderately priced course averages about $55 per player.

Like so many other aspects of your Hawaiian vacation, booking early can help you find great deals, and group rates can make a big difference if you’re bringing the whole family. And be sure to chat with the expert travel agents at Sunset Travel, we may have insider deals on tours and other types of fun adventures!

With a mix of higher end, more-involved activities and self-guided things to do like hanging out on the beach or exploring nature, you can have an eventful, exciting week in Hawaii with less than $1000 per person in activities.

Adding Up the Costs

As we’ve covered, each component of a vacation to Hawaii can vary wildly in price. Staying in a top-tier resort and eating at five-star restaurants with the whole family will be quite different than a solo, budget traveler relying on hostels and local markets to keep costs down.

All things considered, the average cost of a comfortable, week-long vacation in Hawaii will cost $3500 – $5000+ per person, which includes travel and lodging. There are strategies to keep such costs down, and plenty of luxury options if your budget allows.

Getting Help from a Travel Agent

A great way to calculate the total cost of your trip is to do some research about the things you’d like to do and what kind of amenities you need, then consult with a travel agent for planning, packages, and windows where pricing might be at its best!

To get started planning your Hawaiian vacation, contact Sunset Travel & Cruise. We offer free consultations and it doesn’t cost anything extra to use a travel agent… we can probably even save you money!