Top 5 Airline Safety Procedures COVID19 -

What are airlines doing to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It seems like every company around the world has changed their procedures to accommodate new COVID cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting policies. This is, of course, done to keep all customers, guests, and passengers safe during these uncertain times.

All airlines, domestic and international, have implemented new policies and procedures as well.

Airline Top 5 COVID19 Safety Changes -

Top 5 things airlines are doing to keep us safe and virus-free.

1. Extra Cleaning and Sanitizing
Every airline’s procedures may be different, but there is one common goal here; sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. Specially trained cleaning crews clean the interior of each after every flight with hospital-grade disinfectants. All of those high-touch areas such as seat belts, tray tables, bathrooms, window shades, and arm rests get sanitized. Most airlines are implementing nightly deep cleans of every aircraft as well. Planes have never been more clean!

2. Mandating Masks
Most airlines around the world now require all passengers to wear masks for the entire duration of a flight. Any refusal to wear one will result in being removed from the flight and put onto a no-fly list with the airline. You will not be welcome back for future flights. This one is simple… keep yourself and others around you safe, wear a mask.

3. Seat Restrictions
Wherever possible, most domestic airlines are restricting sales of the middle seat to allow for social distancing during flights. If they oversell the flight and are not able to block seats, airlines are offering the choice for passengers to take the next flight out, free of charge. Flight attendants are also moving passengers around while boarding to allow for even more spacing and distancing.

4. Complimentary Hand Sanitizer and Wipes
This will vary by airline, but most are passing out complimentary sanitizing wipes and/or hand sanitizer to passengers. This is to encourage passengers to wipe down their seat and area around them. As we know, the whole plane has already been thoroughly cleaned before boarding, but an extra wipe down could certainly not hurt. If they don’t offer wipes or hand sanitizer, just ask your flight or gate attendant!

5. Reduced Refreshment Services
This one is a real bummer, but it’s necessary to limit interaction between passengers and flight attendants. Chances are, if the airline is still offering food and beverage service you will get a pre-packaged snack and drink that has been all wrapped up ahead of time. No more pouring your drink into a glass for you, but look on the bright side—you may get the whole can yourself! It’s the small things we appreciate nowadays.

It still begs the question, is it safe to fly during a pandemic?

Many experts have asserted that the planes have never been cleaner and, with airlines using hospital-grade cleaning and HEPA air filters, airplanes are cleaner than in your local grocery store. But it’s important to do whatever makes you comfortable.

We are leaving that answer up to you and your discretion. For more information on what each individual airline is doing for your safety during this difficult time, please visit their websites.

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