Best Destinations for Multi-Generation Family Vacations

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Large Multigeneration Family Vacation Destinations -

Finding the best destinations for a large, multi-generation family vacation can be a big task! With so many options available, you may wonder where to even start.

Whether you’re planning a family reunion vacation or just want to have some fun with your large extended family, we can help!

Below we have curated five excellent destinations that our expert travel agents love for an incredible, memorable multi-generational family vacation.

Top 5 Multi-Generational Family Travel Destinations

When planning a large family vacation that includes kids, parents and grandparents, the first thing to consider is whether the destination will appeal to everyone.

While the kids want to have some fun, the adults usually want to get in some relaxation and of course, create activities that everyone can do together. After all, that’s what creates the best memories!

You should also take into account ease of transportation and pay special attention to any family members that may not be as mobile as others. Here are some other tips on planning a large family vacation. 

Some of our favorite destinations for big family getaways that meet these criteria include the 5 we’ve outlined below.

Top Destinations for Large, Multigeneration Family Vacations, Universal Studios Florida -

Universal Studios, Florida

Universal Studios theme park is a great destination for families with young adults.

At this world-class movie and television-themed amusement park, you will find various attractions such as Dragon Alley, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Transformers.

You will meet your favorite movie characters, explore the Jurassic park discovery center, or even snorkel in the coral reef at Discovery Cove. To avoid the crowds at Universal Studios, it is advisable to go in the off-season, and March or November are best.

The weather in Florida is pretty great all year long, but these two months see the least amount of tourists, and help you avoid busy spring-break and holiday travelers.

Universal Studios is big enough to enjoy for a couple of days, but small enough that you can walk around easily and just enjoy yourselves.

There are tons of hotels and resorts nearby, or even on the property to accommodate a large group and make sure the kids have fun, while the adults get some time to themselves too.


Disney World, Orlando

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a perfect destination when planning trips with grandchildren. Plus, they offer excellent recreational options for kids of all ages!

At Disney world, you can visit the Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, to ensure that everyone has a great time experiencing all different kinds of sights and activities.

Disney Parks take great care to cater to the young and old alike, with special transportation options that make it easy to get around, both inside the parks and to the hotels and resorts.

And speaking of Disney resorts, they are some of the best in the world! You’ll find options for hours of fun for the kids, and secluded adults-only areas for some quiet time, plus pools, restaurants, spas and so much more, right on site and only a tram ride away from the parks.


Top Destinations for Large, Multigeneration Family Vacations, Yellowstone National Park -

Yellowstone National Park

This expansive natural park is an excellent option for a large, multi-generational vacation for some major outdoor fun! Yellowstone National Park is ideal for people of all ages to have fun and explore nature together.

The park itself contains thousands of square miles of hiking and biking trails, scenic drives and old-style Western activities that everyone will love. You’re sure to see some wildlife and likely get stuck in a buffalo traffic jam, stare in wonder at incredible rock formations and waterfalls and spend some time in a cozy hotel with scenic views of the landscape around you.

Our favorite spots in the area include the Grand Teton Park on the southwestern side of the area, and Yellowstone River Falls on the north side. And in between you’ll find so much to explore!


Top Destinations for Large, Multigeneration Family Vacations, Panama Jacks Resort, Cancun -

Panama Jack’s Resort, Cancun, Mexico

This all-inclusive resort in Cancun is packed full of family-friendly amenities and activities for people of all ages. It is one of the best multi-generational vacation destinations for lots of reasons!

First, Camp Jack offers nonstop fun for kids. With a full water park, mini golf and kid-friendly swimming pools, the young ones will have plenty to do all day long. There are also babysitting services available for kids age 4-12 if parents want to get away for a bit.

And adult time is easy with a seaside spa, live music, plenty of bars and restaurants, pools, nearby golf courses and more.

For fun family time, there’s a ton of activities at the resort itself, plus Mayan ruins to explore, ziplines to ride, coral reefs to snorkel and an incredible central market, nightlife and vast beaches to enjoy.


Top Destinations for Large, Multigeneration Family Vacations, Hawaii -


Traveling to Hawaii for a large, multi-generational family vacation is an excellent option for those with teenagers or young adults.

There is a seemingly endless supply of family-friendly activities, allowing everyone to explore the incredible natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. From snorkeling on miles of coral reefs full of aquatic wildlife to sandcastle building on sunny beaches, taking in the sights at local aquariums and even hiking up a volcano, the entire family is sure to find tons of fun and relaxation on any of the islands.

Hawaii features incredible hotels along the coasts and small resorts nestled in the mountains and small towns, with everything on a single island easily accessible by car and even bike a lot of the time. Get more tips on traveling to Hawaii in our blog series.

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