How to Plan a Multi-Generation Family Vacation

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Tips for Planning a Large, Multigeneration Family Vacation from Expert Travel Agents - Sunset Travel & Cruise Agency, Chicago IL

Large family vacations with a few generations included are becoming an increasingly popular choice for extended families.

They are a great way for large families to reconnect, enjoy the holidays or have a reunion with some fun and relaxation built right in!

But planning a family vacation with lots of people in different parts of the county requires more effort and organization than a normal trip.

In this article, our expert travel agents will give you a few tips on how to plan your next multigenerational family vacation with grandparents, adult children and grandkids.

Planning a Large, Multi Family Vacation, Tips from Travel Agents -

Tips for Planning a Vacation for a Large Family Group

Planning a vacation for a large group of people can be a challenge, especially when it involves families that live in different parts of the country. However, following these steps can make everything easier and more enjoyable.

Schedule the Trip Well Ahead

With a large group of people, setting a date far in advance for your family vacation is a must! Everyone is busy with work and school and has prior obligations already, so setting a date at least 6 months in advance is recommended.

But for extra busy families, extended trips or destinations that need special reservations for activities, etc. planning a full year in advance will pay off in the long run. This also allows everyone to save the money needed to make the most of this special time together.

Set a Suitable Budget

Along with setting a vacation date, having a budget is at the top of the list when you start planning a large family vacation.

You’ll want to communicate with each family about what they can afford, and how you can ensure that everyone has the funds to cover the expenses of your trip.

Having a sense of the travel budget makes it easier to plan everything else! This is especially important if you are working with a travel agent. They’ll be able to help you find the right destinations and accommodations to keep things on track.

Find the Right Destination

As you plan a multigenerational vacation, choosing the right location is paramount to the trip’s success.

You’ll want to consider several factors, such as the age ranges of the family, what types of things your family likes to experience, how mobile they are and how far you can travel based on your budget and timeframe.

By factoring in the travel costs and the time it may take for each family to get to the destination, choosing a location that is central for everyone may be the best option.

Here are our 5 favorite destinations for large family vacations.

Tips for Planning a Family Vacation for Large, Multigeneration Families -

Seek Out Universally Enjoyable Activities

Once you have found your perfect destination, the next step is figuring out what activities will be fun for everyone. Again, it is essential to consider the age and preference of each family member. Some universal activities could include; theme parks, beach getaways, tours, all-inclusive resorts or cruises where young and old alike will have access to experiences they will love

And it’s crucial to make sure that you include some downtime too! After all, that’s when real connections are made. Scheduling a flexible vacation itinerary will ensure everyone is comfortable and having fun.

Look for Suitable Hotel Accommodations

A multigenerational family vacation requires comfortable hotels for all. Having a ‘home base’ when traveling with a large group is essential to keeping everyone happy, rested and ready to have fun!

We recommend looking for hotels or resorts that have flexible booking policies and specialize in accommodating a large group. This not only includes rooms and beds, but also dining areas and places to gather and relax. And it’s a bonus if they offer concierge services to help coordinate activities too.

Let a Travel Agent Help Plan Your Large Family Vacation!

One of the best and easiest ways of planning a large, multigenerational family vacation is having a travel agency do the hard work for you. The agents at Sunset Travel & Cruise in Chicago are experts when it comes to organizing travel for a large family or group, including coordinating arrival times, flights, and transportation for people coming from all over the country.

The big bonus is that most travel agents do not charge extra for their services! Any nominal fees are a steal compared to planning your multigenerational trip yourself. A travel agent takes care of all the details, so you can relax and just enjoy your vacation.

Contact Sunset Travel & Cruise today for a free consultation and see how we can make your family’s vacation easy!