Cruising the Caribbean in Style

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Cruise the Caribbean in Style with Expert Tips from Sunset Travel & Cruise Chicago 60614

You’ve decided that you want to go on a luxury vacation to the picturesque Caribbean islands, which is a great choice given the beauty and sheer number of activities that the more than 1,700 miles of beautiful land and islands have to offer.

Finding the Right Caribbean Destination

Finding the right destination and accommodations based on online profiles can be tough, which is where Sunset Travel & Cruise comes in. If you aren’t an experienced traveler — or it’s simply been awhile since you planned a vacation – there are some things you should keep in mind that could make your Caribbean vacation a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Plan the Perfect Caribbean Escape with Tips from Sunset Travel & Cruise Chicago, IL 60614

The Best Time to Travel to the Caribbean

The weather in the Caribbean is pleasant year-round, with the exception of the occasional tropical storm or hurricane, but rates do vary seasonally, and each season brings its own unique events and activities that might factor into your decision.

It’s generally thought the best time to visit the Caribbean is December to April, when it’s slightly cooler (particularly in the northern Caribbean), drier and less humid. However, this is also when most of the tourists flock to escape the cold winter weather from the north. If you go during May to November, know that it can be rainy, with hurricanes possible from July to October – though these are rare in the far south.

With all that said, the most inexpensive rates and fewer crowds happen in May to June and late November to mid December – all while still being able to experience good weather for basking on a beach virtually empty of other tourists.

The Best Luxury Caribbean Vacation Options

Once you know when you want to go, it’s time to decide where you’re going to stay and what you’re going to do. Check out our tips for traveling to the Caribbean here. There are endless options, but Sunset Travel can help you narrow down your choice.

The following are a few of the most popular islands to make your luxury vacation dreams come true.

Antigua and Barbuda

With two islands, you get one paradise vacation. They’re best-known for their pink and white-sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, friendly locals, and the most enjoyable climate in the world. Everything from snorkeling and bodysurfing to historical sites can be part of your trip.


The reason this island gets more repeat visitors than any other is because of the beautiful beaches, picturesque weather, and variety of activities offered. Whether you want to take in the vibrant nightlife, snorkel to view the USS Antilla shipwreck, or hike through Arikok National Wildlife Park, Sunset Travel can make it happen.


Comprised of 700 islands and over 2,000 rocks and cays, sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean, this luxury location offers something for everyone. If you have kids, you can visit Aquaventure Waterpark on Paradise Island and play in the 141-acre waterpark. If it’s adults only, go to Arawak Cay (in Nassau) over the weekends and party with daiquiri bars and reggae music.


Whether you want to swim, stroll on the beach, or sunbathe, party and play hard or enjoy art, culture and cuisine at its best, you can find it here. Not to mention that it’s the birthplace of rum!

Cayman Islands

More than 2 million people visit this island each year, making it one of the most popular luxury vacation destinations in the world. The tropical beauty of a Caribbean paradise combined with all the amenities you’d expect from stateside sophistication makes it a match made in heaven.

Dominican Republic

One of the highlights of this incredible island is Playa Rincon, a gorgeous beach that has a thick palm forest on one side and the ocean on the other. If you’re looking for adventure, they offer everything from kitesurfing and ziplines to island safaris and scuba diving.


From each morning’s breathtaking sunrise until the sun sets at night, Jamaica presents a magnificent expanse of beauty that makes the island a land of unique experiences, engaging activities, breathtaking landscapes, and a warm, welcoming people. You could literally take multiple luxury Caribbean vacations here and still never get bored.

Travel the Caribbean in Luxury with Tips from Sunset Travel & Cruise of Chicago IL 60614

St. Lucia

Here you can recline on the sandy white beaches, soak in the volcanic mud baths of Soufrière, zipline through lush rainforests, indulge in authentic island food, club-hop on the Rodney Bay strip, and ride ATVs through the countryside… and that’s just the beginning.

St. Maarten

The island provides vacationers the opportunity to enjoy three distinct cultures – the delightfulness of the Dutch on one side, the savoir-faire of the French on the other, and the blending of both in an exotically unique way. Not to mention Maho Beach, which is definitely a must-see experience.

Turks and Caicos

Made up of 40 islands and cays, on the island of Providenciales, known as the Grace Bay beach, this destination has been consistently voted world’s “best beach”. Then you have Club Med, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Thinking of Going On a Luxury Caribbean Vacation?

The choices for your luxury vacation are plentiful, and it can be hard to narrow down exactly just where you should go. Contact Sunset Travel & Cruise today, and we can help you plan out a dream vacation from start to finish!

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