Resorts in Cancun: A COVID Travel Safety Report

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Cancun Mexico Resort Safety Measures -

In the midst of new travel concerns due to COVID, there’s no better beach getaway than Cancun, Mexico!

With all Cancun resorts currently operating at only 30% capacity, you’ll feel like you’re in your own safe slice of semi-private paradise.

American Airlines Vacations has sent travel industry representatives to popular vacation destinations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, including Cancun, to give first-hand reports of new health and safety protocols for flights, transfer companies, and the resorts themselves.

Keeping people safe, comfortable, and confident to start traveling again is our goal.

What to Expect at Cancun Resorts During COVID

Travel industry experts report impressive safety enhancements, notable differences between the resorts, and outline changes that visitors can expect.

Let’s start with air travel. A handful of noticeable differences can be seen in most airports, including mandatory masks, fewer people traveling, more hand sanitizer stations, and social distancing stickers on the floor.

Industry experts recommend you to take even further precautions by using an airline app for touchless boarding pass processing, carrying your own pen, taking multiple facemasks, and bringing sanitary wipes.

Currently, a COVID test is currently not required to travel to Cancun, or anywhere in Mexico, but you can expect to fill out a basic risk-factor questionnaire as you arrive. You can fill it out on ahead of time or a use paper form at the Cancun airport. Customs and immigration forms are filled out on the plane, just as they have been in the past.

You will be required to board the plane from back-to-front, and wear your mask for the entire flight, even when seated. Food and beverage service has been suspended for safety, although you may get a small care bag for longer flights. Experts recommend wiping down your seat and area with a sanitizing wipe, even though airlines are doing their best to thoroughly clean the plane between flights.

Also expect to have your temperature checked when you arrive in Cancun. If it is higher than normal, also expect a few additional tests. If you do not pass the tests, the airline will arrange for your return back to the US.

To get from the airport to your resort, shuttles are still operating, although they are typically transporting guests that are going to the same hotel, so expect some delays. As always, your travel agent can help you arrange a private transfer if you’d prefer.

Cancun Resorts Shuttle Transportation Safety -

The resort experience includes many new safety measures, including a lot of sanitizing and disinfecting!

There are hand sanitizer stations, and many resorts even disinfect your luggage and even shoes depending on where you’re going. Hotel staff get tested every two weeks and are required to wear masks, and even face shields or goggles.

Spas and gyms are open at most resorts, and like elevators and other common areas, are capacity controlled.

In your room, you will likely find that the coffee machine has been removed (you’ll need to order room service) and TV remotes, cups and toiletries are sealed in plastic sleeves for safety.

Although most resort restaurants are open, you’ll find that many are on a rotating schedule, and only open for part of the day, or certain days of the week. Buffets have likely switched to “assisted-service” instead of “self-serve” to reduce the number of common touchpoints between guests. Some resorts are also reducing the hours they serve alcohol, and a few have closed some on-site bars and lounges.

Resort activities are still in full-swing! Although, at only 30% capacity, are much more relaxed and much less crowded. Beaches and pools are open, with lounge chairs spaced apart more and fewer people allowed to rent wave runners, and go on snorkel tours. Live entertainment, shows and games such as bingo are still operating as well.  Unfortunately, most kids’ clubs are closed.

Staff does not recommend leaving the resort to explore the local community, however, as restaurants and attractions may not be keeping the same level of cleanliness and sanitization as the resorts do. Many local clubs and hot-spots are closed due to limited crowds, and others are operating with reservations only.

To read the full article from our MAST Travel Partner, check out their travel blog!

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This is a great time to get away from daily stress and relax at a resort in Cancun, Mexico! With so many safety precautions in place, you’ll feel confident that your health is a priority. Contact the travel agents at Sunset Travel & Cruise in Chicago today, and let the experts hand-craft your dream resort vacation!

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