RIU Resorts Leading the Way with Comprehensive Safety Protocols

RIU Resort Safety Policies for COVID - Sunset-Travel.com

RIU Resorts have been working diligently since May to implement new safety protocols with their guest’s well-being as the top priority.

With 100 hotels in 19 countries it was no small undertaking to streamline the new rules, but as the resorts began to open again in June it was vital.

RIU Resorts Safety Protocols for COVID - Sunset-Travel.com

RIU has rolled out 17 specific health and safety measures.

Here are the highlights…

General Rules

  • Capacity at every hotel has been reduced to cap at 50-60% to avoid overcrowding.
  • All staff have been trained in safety protocols including how to stay safe while at home during personal time so as not to bring the virus into the hotels. They are also thoroughly briefed on social distancing etiquette not only between guests, but also between each other. Additionally, staff lounges and offices are cleaned and sanitized frequently.
  • Posters and other material have been put in place throughout each hotel to remind guests of social distancing rules and mask regulations.
  • Sanitizer is readily available throughout all resorts for guests to use.

Upon Arrival

  • Temperature checks are taken at the door for each arriving guest.
  • Online check-in is currently being implemented on a rolling basis.
  • Plexi-glass safety barriers have been installed at all check-in guests to keep guests and staff as distanced as possible.
  • All staff are required to wear proper PPE including masks.
  • Reception areas are continually cleaned and sanitized between each guest interaction and regularly throughout the day.
  • Elevator capacity is limited to only sharing with members of your own party.

Rooms and Cleaning

  • •All housekeeping staff are required to wear PPE including masks and gloves.
  • Rooms are cleaned thoroughly after each guests’ stay per RIU’s strict cleaning protocols.
  • Rooms are also sprayed with a viricidal spray as an extra precautionary disinfecting measure.
  • Amenities are limited and coffee machines, magazines, and brochures have all been removed.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided in the room.
  • High touch areas in the room are disinfected daily.

Bars and Restaurants

  • Buffet options are still available, but safety barriers, serving staff, more packaged items are now commonplace.
  • Masks/gloves are required to be worn by all guests.
  • Seating at all bars and restaurants are limited to avoid crowds and queues.
  • Tables and seats have been moved for guests to appropriately socially distance while dining.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner timetables have all been extended to avoid crowding.
  • Temperature checks are taken at the entrance of most restaurants and bars.
  • Surfaces are sanitized frequently and after each guest use.

Swimming Pools/Beach

  • Chairs and cabanas have been moved to accommodate social distancing regulations.
  • Appropriate chemicals are used to disinfect the pool daily and frequent cleaning is done by trained staff.
  • Pools will have limited/monitored capacity.


  • All staff in the spas and gyms are required to wear masks and gloves.
  • Hand sanitizer is made regularly available in all areas of the hotel.
  • All equipment is regularly sanitized and wipes are available for guests to sanitize as they please.

Entertainment and Water Activities

  • Any sports and leisure activities where distancing is not possible have been eliminated for the time being.
  • Children’s program capacities have been limited.
  • Activities specifically for 4-7 year old’s have been stopped due to inability to safely distance.
  • All sport rental equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each use.

These policies are constantly being monitored and adapted as the pandemic changes. New protocols are added when necessary and RIU has done a phenomenal job of staying ahead of the game.

For a detailed list of all 17 safety measures they have focused on, please click here. RIU Resorts is currently welcoming guests back and doing everything they can to keep everyone safe, while still enjoying their time in paradise!

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