Top 5 Ways Hotels Keep Guests Safe During COVID-19

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Hotel Safety and Sanitization for COVID19 -

What are hotels doing to keep guests safer and give them peace of mind?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. And if you’re considering traveling in 2020, it’s a question you should ask your travel agent, and any hotel you are considering staying at during your trip.

Hotels around the world have been working hard to implement innovative new policies to keep guests comfortable and safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

What are hotel safety measures for COVID19 -

Top 5 New Hotel Safety Policies for COVID-19

There are countless things that hotels are doing to set your mind at ease from check-in to check-out. Here are the top five most common new safety measures:

1. Deep Cleaning and Increased Housekeeping Training.

Hotels always take cleaning seriously—or at least should take it seriously every day. I know we all have at least one horror story. But now, hotel sanitation and disinfection is more vital than ever. Most major hotels have released their revised cleaning initiatives right on their website, so you know just what to expect.

In addition to extra time spent in each room to deep clean and sanitize, most have implemented additional training measures to ensure that housekeeping staff is learning and using new procedures and policies.

2. Goodbye Mini-Bar

Most, if not all, mini-bars have been removed from rooms all together, or emptied completely, to reduce the number of surfaces that different guests may touch. To enjoy a late-night cocktail you will just have to head down to the hotel bar for the foreseeable future.

3. Contactless Check-In

Along with the installation of safety glass at most hotel desks, you will also notice that most hotel staff are keeping their distance from guests, from front desk attendants to bell-hops and valet drivers. But you should notice that they are working hard to create warm and welcome atmosphere at the same time.

Some major hotel chains such as Marriott® and Hilton® are also offering fully contact-free check-in – you can check- in and enter your room using your mobile phone. What a great way to use technology!

Hotel Safety Housekeeping Rules for COVID19 - Sunset Travel & Cruise, Chicago IL

4. Reduced Room Refresh Services

If you are staying more than one night, you may notice a reduction in housekeeping. They may come in to tidy up your room every other day, or possibly not at all. This, of course, is yet another measure to limit contact between you and staff members. Need new towels? Chances are, they will be left right outside your door.

5. Closed Gyms and Business Centers

Many hotel gyms and business centers are closed in order to reduce contact between guests. If they are open, most will encourage you to wipe down equipment before and after use. Most also require you to wear a mask in any common area, including the lobby and bars. Wearing a mask keeps yourself and others—especially hotel staff—safe.

There can be infinite safety measures put in place, but the question is still… Is it safe to stay in a hotel right now?

Ultimately, that is your decision. We always advise that the safety of you and your family are paramount. Know that’s also the priority for a hotel, and they are doing everything they can to ensure your comfort and peace-of-mind.

We encourage you to do your research! Reach out to potential hotels for your trip, look up their websites and see what each is doing to clean, sanitize and keep guests safe. The experienced travel agents at Sunset Travel & Cruise can help too. When we book your travel experience, we go above and beyond to ensure your peace-of-mind! Contact us today.

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