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Let me let you in on a little known secret… Alaska can be seen without once stepping onto a cruise ship.

I know, it’s a mind-blowing, life-altering concept.

Mega-cruises have been sailing the crisp northern Pacific waters off the coast of Alaska for many years now with new ships, itineraries, and activities added every year. It’s a dizzying process to find the right cruise fit, something that us travel advisors are well-versed on.

But now, with the cruise industry taking one of the biggest hits in the COVID pandemic and a very unknown future ahead, it’s only natural that we explore other options.

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As we always do, the travel industry has adapted to fit the new trends, which means land operators are scrambling (and with great success) to come out with new itineraries that don’t include the close-quartered living, dining, and recreation of cruise ships. This summer, next year, and probably for years to come we will see Alaska tourists moving from sea to land. Self-drive road trips will pick up, while private day tours and cultural explorations reap the benefits of travelers looking to stay more than just half a day in each town.
Below you will find three reasons to consider visiting Alaska by land for your next vacation. There are so many unique opportunities to discover when you ditch the porthole for the panoramic view!

1. Accommodations in Alaska

Of course, the number one thing we think of when we imagine Alaska is wilderness and wide-open spaces. Spending more time on land actually allows you to enjoy that nature, and unique accommodations allow you to get right into the think of it. With wilderness cabins and glamping adventures abound, you will have space to spread out and appreciate the expanse that is Alaska. These distinctive accommodations provide you with a way to experience Alaska the way it was meant to be experienced. Socially distancing will never be a problem here!

2. Private Tours and Experiences in Alaska

There are so many tours available within Alaska and guides that are eager to share their knowledge with you. Many cruises only offer large group tours. Hundreds of people being shuttled in and out every single day. But with a land tour, you have the ability to go at your own pace and call the shots. Instead of roaming in herds you will likely just be roaming with your family, which makes private tours easy to find and a completely different experience to enjoy. From flying over Denali National Park in a bush plane to meeting the sled dogs gearing up to race the Idotarod, there is a tour for every family or group.

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3. Slow Down and Enjoy Every Second

It really can’t be stressed enough what a difference it makes to visit Alaska at your own pace. Having the freedom to get out of the car mid-drive just to watch the clouds pass over the great expanse in front of you is unparalleled and can’t be done from the window of a cruise tour bus. Of course, racing back into the car after spotting a brown bear is also an experience to remember. Having your travel advisor make the plans for you, from accommodations to tours to park entrances allows the peace of mind that comes with well laid out plans, but independently visiting Alaska also allows for the flexibility to take those plans at your own leisurely pace.

Cruise tours will regain steam again, and when they do, we will be ready to sell them. They are certainly excellent options for many travelers and perfect for Alaskan travel. Why else would they be so popular year after year?

But, as with many aspects of our lives, we are now left to re-evaluate our habits.

Can we travel in a more environmentally friendly way? Can we slow down, spend some time getting to know the rich Alaskan native culture before heading off to the next site to see?

Travelling Alaska by land gives people the opportunity to do something a little different. And after all of this, aren’t we all getting used to doing things a little differently?

Contact Sunset Travel & Cruise in Chicago to arrange the perfect Alaskan vacation, no matter how you like to travel! We can set up everything from hotels to rental cars, excursions and tours.

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