Destination Wedding Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Having a Destination Wedding -

Having a destination wedding is a dream to many people. And that dream is more attainable than you may think!

Many considerations must go into planning a destination wedding, but as travel agents, we are here for you every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible.

Here are the most common pros and cons to having your destination wedding abroad.


Pros to Having a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is affordable

On average, destination weddings are less expensive for the bride and groom than those close to home. Even with paying for accommodations, the wedding packages are generally very affordable and include many aspects of the wedding, such as ceremony and reception, decorations and set-up, audio-visual equipment, and bouquets. Think of the money you save by having all of these things included!

Most destination weddings are held at all-inclusive resorts, which means that the food and alcohol is also included, you are simply responsible for the special event, banquet, and/or bartending fee which is built into the wedding packages. Most resorts will have different tiers of package pricing so you can choose what works for you. Additionally, many venues give discounts to the couple based on the amount of guests they bring along. Bring enough friends and family to the wedding and it could pay for the cost of the wedding package itself!

The Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding -

Planning is easier than you think

Having a destination wedding really takes the stress off of the couple because many of the moving pieces are grouped together in one, easy-to-choose package. Your travel agent takes care of you and your guests travel, while your designated wedding planner at the resort takes care of the details based on the package you choose. Which really only leaves invitation and dress shopping for you — how easy! Of course, couples that are looking to create their own wedding design can be more involved in the planning are able to do so with help from the resort wedding planning..

A destination wedding is more relaxing!

A beach vacation is the epitome of relaxation. And combining your wedding and honeymoon into one trip simple makes everything more relaxed as well. Weddings can be stressful, especially as the big day gets closer. But with a wedding planner to work with you from the moment you arrive at the resort, there isn’t much stress and any last minute issues are easily taken care of. Not to mention, the guests will be able to partake in the relaxation along with you, so there will hopefully be limited wedding day drama!

The guest list is smaller

Chance are, if you are looking to have a destination wedding, you’re ready for a smaller, more intimate event. Destinations weddings offer you the opportunity to be much more selective about your guest list. You don’t have to feel obligated to invite everyone you’ve ever met. A destination wedding is perfect for a couple looking to keep it to close family and friends!

A built-in, extended honeymoon

Many couples opt to extend their wedding into a honeymoon in the same destination. This makes planning simple and it gives you more time in the beautiful destination. Moving to a different resort or nearby location offers a change in vibe or scenery without the need to hop on another flight.

Less travel time means more relaxation time and who wouldn’t want that after their wedding?

Stunning photos

Have a look at the photos below. Need I say more?

Cons of a Destination Wedding

There is really only one con to having a destination wedding — planning it from afar. But this is really only a con if you are doing all of the planning yourself!

Making plans – travel and wedding related—from another country can be difficult. Especially when you are made into the go-to person for guests’ bookings and reservations. Not to mention, there could be a language barrier. So that is why we are here as travel agents!

We take care of everything from choosing the destination or resort to working with each guest individually on their bookings. We match you with a wedding planner and they take care of the wedding preparations from there. Additionally, at Sunset Travel & Cruise we currently have two agents that are fluent in Spanish. There will be no miscommunications or confusion. Here are 6 Reasons to Book Your Destination Wedding with Sunset Travel & Cruise.

Turning this con into a pro is simple when you work with an experienced travel planner! Contact us today and let us show you how easy it can be.

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