Why Book a Destination Wedding with Sunset Travel & Cruise?

6 Reasons to Book a Destination Wedding with a Travel Agent - Sunset-Travel.com

Destination weddings are gaining popularity as couples decide to forgo the large, traditional celebrations and branch out into the unique and unconventional.

And who wouldn’t want to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family in paradise?

As some have learned the hard way with the outbreak of COVID, it’s important to work with a travel expert that can handle the travel arrangements while you enjoy the fun details of planning your destination wedding.

As Chicago’s leading travel agency, we know destination weddings!

Here are 6 reasons you should work with Sunset Travel & Cruise Agents to book your destination wedding.

1. Bilingual staff

Currently, Sunset Travel & Cruise has two bi-lingual agents on staff that are fluent in Spanish and English. Since most destination weddings are held in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, having a bi-lingual travel agent is vital to making sure that every last detail gets communicated correctly.

Our bilingual staff are able to work directly with the wedding planners at Mexican resorts, without any language barrier, with little confusion or mis-communication. It can be difficult arranging an entire wedding over the phone or email, even without a language barrier, and when you don’t speak the same language, it could be a complete nightmare. But not with Sunset Travel & Cruise!

Our experience cross-cultural communication allows our agents to plan every request and make the process go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Here are other pros and cons of planning a destination wedding.

2. Get the best pricing

If nothing else, working with a travel advisor on a destination wedding is beneficial because we know where and how to get you the best deals. Our agents have been booking destination weddings for the last 25 years so they know where to go, who to speak with, and what strings to pull in order to find you the best possible price for you and your guests.

Why Use a Travel Agent for Destination Weddings - Sunset-Travel.com

3. First-hand knowledge of popular destination wedding resorts

Each of our travel agents are required to visit the most popular wedding destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean – so you can rely on our first-hand knowledge! Agents even have personal connections with many of the wedding planners at the resorts thanks to in-person meetings, and we always stay up-to-date on destination wedding offerings.

If you are unsure of where to have your wedding, our agents are able to offer plenty of suggestions and tips, not only from past experience, but also from first-hand, personal trips.

4. Alleviate the stress of planning

It’s no secret that planning a destination wedding can be stressful, and we focus on making it easy for you and your entire family and wedding party too. As travel agents, we are here to handle all of the travel arrangements for you and your guests, as well as assist in many of the planning details. We work closely with the wedding coordinators at resorts to ensure the whole event goes off without a hitch.

Not only will planning hopefully be stress-free, but the whole wedding will be too. You are meant to relax in paradise after all!

5. If there’s an issue, we’re here

As much as we’d all like everything to go as smoothly as possible for your destination wedding, sometimes unexpected things happen. From travel issues to wedding details, having someone there to handle it all for you is absolutely vital. Snow storms, pandemics, and missed flights are much easier to deal with when you have a professional doing the work behind the scenes.

Whether it be months before you leave or while you are already traveling, as travel professionals we are here to deal with any emergencies as they arise. We are well-versed in crisis management so that you don’t have to be. If an issue does come up, we are here behind the scenes to do everything possible to correct it.

6. Communicating with all guests

Whether you have ten guests or 200, coordinating the travel a group of people can be difficult, especially internationally. Working with a travel agent for your destination wedding removes that element from your to-do list!

We work directly with each guest to plan and book their travel, and even update you regularly of the guest list and who has booked. You send out the invitations and we take care of the rest!

We make your destination wedding stress-free!

Our main job as destination wedding travel agents is to ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch! We take on the hard work, coordination, and communication, which leaves you with planning the fun elements. We are also here as a safety net if anything goes wrong.

Working with an experienced and detail-oriented travel agent for your destination wedding is an easy choice and our agents at Sunset Travel & Cruise are here to make every step along the way just as simple.

Contact us today and we’ll meet to discuss your ideas and start making the wedding of your dreams a reality!

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